Guardian programme

nacworld gives protection to the younger members up to 14 years of age through a significantly reduced, or zero display of personal data as well as through the nacworldguardian programme.

Following registration, members under the age of 14 are requested to select a guardian so that they can make use of all functions and settings of nacworld. When a guardianship with an adult member of nacworld has been confirmed, the minor can change his/her standardized invisible data display to a maximum of “For my contacts only” status and can then build contacts to other members. The guardian will receive a weekly e-mail from nacworld with an overview of contact requests, communication partners and updates from the network of the minor. Details of private messages will not be disclosed. A minor may have more than one guardian.

If the guardian fails to log in to nacworld longer than 14 days he will receive a request to confirm his guardianship by logging in. If this request is not met the guardianship will automatically end after a further 14 days. The account of the minor will then be reset to the private mode and will only be modifiable following a renewed confirmation of guardianship.

The guardian is obliged to log in regularly to nacworld and to speak with his juvenile member concerning activities made therein. The guardian should discuss with the minor the publicity of personal data and privacy rights (rights of personal integrity) and should evoke awareness of copyrights. The guardian should also make aware that not necessarily every contact request can be positively verified. The guardianship ceases with the 14th birthday of the member.

You will find many questions and answers about the guardianship programme in Help/FAQ.